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Nov 3, 2008

Malaysian Red Devils watch the match at about 11pm on weekend matches. If it is an early kick-off, we have to have our dinner early or find a place with cable TV and have dinner together as the match kicks off around 7.30pm. Midweek matches like West Ham last night or Champions League games are at the worst times for us - they kick off at 3.30am in the early morning and finish at about 6am, leaving us with no sleep or maybe one hour's sleep before heading to work - happily after we won the match!

Everyone here in Malaysia would love to visit the Theatre of Dreams and be among other fans. However, our tiny currency and the current economy breakdown has made this even more difficult - the trip would cost approximately RM 6000! (RM = Malaysian Ringgit). The currency means shirts are also expensive for us - not everyone can afford it here but mine will be flying home soon from Manchester. We sometimes are jealous of how Europeans pay so little to own merchandise. A dream to watch United play in our country was shattered last year but the Reds' previous visit to Malaysia still lingers in my mind, even though many of the players like David Beckham and Ruud have since left.

Chasing the dream to watch a home match at Old Trafford is not an easy task. It takes months or even a year of savings. Time will tell but I will be there... one day! Any match will do... wait for me and save me a seat, please!

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