No Way, Jose

Mar 12, 2009

Jose Mourinho endured anything but a special night at Old Trafford as Manchester United continued their remarkable season by reaching the Champions League quarter-finals with a 2-0 win over Inter Milan.

kemas kini (2:00pm)

His hands buried deep in the pockets of his latest designer coat, he maintained a lonely vigil at the furthest extreme of the technical area, less than a yard from the pitch. It made him a target for around 70,000 members of a capacity crowd, but anonymity has never been his style. Jose Mourinho may have been looking good - and when the closest individual to provide a comparison is Mike Phelan, he certainly was - but his appearance proved deceptive as Inter Milan were defeated.

Advice was forthcoming. ''Sit down, Mourinho,'' was one of the politer instructions, and one he repeatedly ignored. When the final whistle went, with Old Trafford echoing to the words ''bye bye, Mourinho,'' it was one order he could not flout. ''You're not famous anymore,'' came another taunt

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tdevaraj said...

Congrats to MU. Akhirnya Ferguson bayar hutang kekalahan dengan Porto dalam CPL.

Myself happy too sebab Arsenal menang. Penalti pun penalti lah, janji masuk suku akhir!s

tg shaaban said...

MU vs Arsenal = final?

fazerilnazwan said...

tak sia-sia kurang tidur pagi ni. padan muka "not so" special one!