blockbuster showdown

Mar 13, 2009

man utd vs liverpool
old trafford
8:45 pm
saturday, 14

Javier Mascherano reckons not even United will be able to live with Liverpool if they can repeat their Euro heroics at Old Trafford on Saturday. "If we play like we did against Real, it will be difficult for any team to beat us," insists the Argentine.

man utd:
United striker Wayne Rooney summed up the situation as he said: ''They know, in coming to Old Trafford, it's going to be a difficult game for them. They also know they need the three points and I'm sure they'll be up for it - we certainly will be.
''But I think, if we beat them, it will probably end their chances of winning the league.''

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tdevaraj said...

Apa sudah jadi dengan MU? Kena belasah di tempat sendiri? Mengapa Vidic tiba-tiba teruk? Evra pun sama..

Penyokong Liverpool gembira sakan..mesti you terima banyak sms hingga tak terjawab kan?