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May 6, 2009

sepanjang musim ini, jarang sekali TS terlepas tengok live yg melibatkan MU. termasuklah perlwnan yg berlangsung pukul 3:00-4:00 pagi.
mlm tadi (lebih tepat, dinihari tadi) MU menempah tempat ke final. memperthnkan kejuaraan yg dimenangi thn lps.
28 mei 2009 (27 tarikh di europe) di rome. tarikh keramat dipilih.
pd tarikh itu TS akan berada di sebuah hotel di genting highlands sbg urus setia bengkel penulisan. walhal tarikh asal bengkel tu pd 8-11 mei.
disbbkan penundaan tarikh (yg berpunca dpd 'kelembapan' org lain & kerenah birokrasi) maka tarikh terpaksa ditukar. bertembung pulak dgn tarikh final tsbt. sbg kipas susah mati (die hard fan) MU, pastinya TS terkilan. dr peringkat awal berjaga mlm, bersengkang mata...ttp terlepas final.
harapan terakhir cuma mengharapkan agar, hotel tempat berlangsungnya bengkel ada suscribe astro lebih tpt saluran espn.
kalau tkda...wuarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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fazerilnazwan said...

United bullies savage Arsenal Bambis
It was the night they shot Bambi down. Arsene Wenger's wide-eyed young team, full of hope and potential, never even saw it coming. But their demise at the hands of Manchester United was fast and, oh, was it brutal. Skipping around on skittish legs, Arsenal were defenceless and naive prey hunted down by big beasts. United were so merciless with them that it was the kind of stuff that made you want to hide behind your hands. It wasn't just a beating. It was a humiliation. The heaviest defeat Arsenal have suffered here on the biggest night in the Emirates' short history. And it may also have marked the death of a dream. It exposed Arsenal's young guns, the players in whom Wenger has placed so much hope, as boys trying to compete with men. The gap between these two sides does not appear to be narrowing. It seems to be getting wider and wider. For the second time in six days, Arsenal were second best to Sir Alex Ferguson's European champions. Second best in every department. They were simply overwhelmed by the power, the experience and the skill of United. They didn't stand a chance.
Oliver Holt, Daily Mirror

fazerilnazwan said...

Patrice Evra lends his own take on the Emirates mis-match, labelling it 'men against babies', according to The Sun.

Sir Alex Ferguson is hopeful that referee Roberto Rosetti will overturn his decision to dismiss Darren Fletcher, so that the midfielder will be available for the Champions League final. The Sun claims United lawyer Maurice Watkins is investigating the situation.

The Daily Mail's Martin Samuel salutes Cristiano Ronaldo's display at the Emirates: "He was masterful, compelling, unstoppable, a tour de force as a striker, operating with the wit of a winger."

suriahoney said...

nak hani pujuk ke? he he