Jun 19, 2009

Title: Chinese Loan-Words in Malay and Indonesian-
A Background Study
Author: Russell Jones
Price: RM65.00
Pages: 284
Year: 2009
Publisher: University of Malaya Press

This book focusses on the loan-words in Malay and Indonesian originating from the Chinese dialects. It brings together data to be found in word-lists compiled during the past century or more from a variety of sources, making it the only comprehensive study of this subject to appear so far. The background study outlines the history of Chinese immigration into the Nanyang, and traces dialects and subdialects back to their home districts in South China. It is an invaluable aid to a full understanding of the Chinese loan-words to be found in Loan-words in Indonesian and Malay.
The accompanying DVD incorporates a facsimile of the rare Amoy and English dictionary of Carstairs Douglas published in 1899, furnished with Chinese characters written in by hand, together with the supplement to it published by Barclay in 1923. There is an informative Introduction by Dr Russell Jones.
mungkin ramai yg tk tahu dr mana asalnya perkataan yg biasa kita gunakan hari ini merupakan kata pinjaman (loan words). antaranya, cincai, mihun, tekong, pangkin, cukin, loceng, kongsi, kuaci,tauke, taugeh, kongkalikong dsb. menarik utk dibaca.

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